Diploma Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT):

  • After completing the course the Candidates can work in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology, Biochemistry & Blood Bank in Medical Colleges.
  • They can work in Government Hospitals or Private Hospitals or Nursing Homes or Blood Banks.
  • They can set up their own laboratory.
  • They can work as lab technician in Para medical colleges.
  • After DMLT they continue their education in the field of graduation and post-graduation i,e    Bsc MLT and Msc MLT.
  • They can learn with earning.

Diploma in Dialysis Technology(DDT):

  • After completion of this course the candidate will find a challenging career in a hospital ,dept of Nephrology specially in dialysis unit.
  • They can work as dialysis technician in private hospital.
  • Dialysis technician perform several other duties under supervisor of nurses and doctors.
  • They can continue their education in BSc RRT(Renal dialysis technology) and MSc RRT.

Diploma in Ophthalmology Technology:

  • After completion of DOT the candidate will find many career opportunities with optician shops , eye doctors contact lens companies, opthalmic lens industry and hospital eye department .
  • Candidates can work in hospitals undertaken by state and central govt and in private hospitals as well.
  • After completion of diploma course,they can continue their education in BOT and MOT
  • Candidates can also begin his/her career in research or teaching area after completing of  post  graduation
  • Common job profiles after completing DOT
    • Optometry Assistant
    • Ophthalmic Assistant
    • Ophthalmic Nurse

Diploma in Health Inspector:

  • Develop competence in Health and family welfare for self employment opportunities.
  • They can work environmental inspector and public welfare supervisior as well
  • They can continue education in BSc in food science technology
  • Common job profile after completing DHI
    • Health inspector
    • Chief Health inspector
    • Assistant Health officer

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology:

  • After completion of DOTT the candidate will find a challenging career in a hospital ,emergency centers .
  • Candidates can work in private laboratory and clinics .
  • They can continue their education in BOTT and MOTT.
  • Common job profile after completing DOTT
    • Technician in hospital
    • They can work in nursing homes and trouma centers
    • OT Assistant